Monday, April 28, 2014

Embracing Vitality Through Yoga and Plant Healers in Your Garden

This post is a bit of a follow up for the wonderful yogin who attended my Embracing Vitality, Yoga and Natural Medicine Making workshop last Saturday. We had a great morning of yoga, went on a garden walk, ate lunch in the sun, made infusions, decoctions and tincture and ended with a gentle, restorative yoga practice. I will be holding this and similar workshops in the future and I hope you will join us!

One of the energy cleansing and management techniques we did is the Four Thumps. Here is a great info graphic to serve as a reminder. Many thanks to Gwenn Bonnell for creating it.:

Yoga and Energy Work

I hope you will continue to use the Ashvivi (horse) bandha, Ashvaranta (Precious Horse Mudra) and Horse Goddess pose as part of your daily yoga sadhana. After a workshop when you are feeling inspired is a GREAT time to start or rejuvenate your practice!

Herbal Healing
Here is a fun write up on one of our plant friends, Chickweed. Susun Weed is a preeminent herbalist and there is a wealth of info on her site:

Some other sites with great info:

We barely touched on adaptogens, but they are so important for us in this bustling, busy world we live in. David Winston has a great book you will enjoy:

Hope this gives you some more fun and food for thought on the path!

Love and light,
Teal Chimblo Fyrberg
Blissful Body Yoga

Blissful Body Yoga is located deep in the beauty and magick of the Appalachian mountains, in Asheville, North Carolina.

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