Friday, January 28, 2011

Cosmetics that won't kill us.

Hello my Darlings!

Just a quick post to share something new in my ever widening attempts to make sure everything we use and eat is as low in toxins and cruelty free as possible.

This is the only line I have found so far (that looked good to me, anyway) that rates 1-3 on the cosmetic data base website for low toxicity. SO excited to finally find a make up line that isn’t full of poisons and animal urine. If anyone has found any other good companies, please share! Also, they are out of North Carolina....bonus!

Also, I have been looking at the shampoo/conditioner dilemma for a while and what I really like to use is Dr. Bronner’s lavender liquid castile soap as shampoo and then two of their products (see below) as a conditioner and leave-in product. I buy the Dr. Bronner’s by the gallon and use for hand soap, cleaning, hand-washing clothing, all sorts of stuff. The peppermint is great too!

Where to buy: Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap:

Conditioning rinse:

Hair crème:
This looks really good, but I haven’t tried it yet:

Use EWG to look up brands and chemicals. Be informed and powerful in your choices! Vote with your dollars and we will all see a healthier planet and people!

Happy Friday! 

Peace and Love,

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yogaman said...

Thanks for sharing, it's terrible the amount of toxicity you think is caused so unnecessarily.