Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meditation Is the Window to the Soul

Meditation is the window to the soul. 
Go sit quietly in the window and watch the world pass by.
– Anonymous

Being busy makes us feel productive, like we are getting somewhere. Where are we going? I like to stop and ask myself that question a few times a day. Life without Dharma (purpose) is just like asana without Dharma...nothing but asmita (ego/ignorance.) When all of your ego attachments...all the labels that tell you who you are are stripped away, what is left? Who are you? What is eternal, nameless, formless and yet always present, always accessible?

Go sit somwhere
right now
and just


Look in.
Find out.


AnaVar said...

Hi! I just discovered the site, and reading older posts.. I'm making first steps discovering yoga and your blog is full of information I need! Have to go through briefly!

AKA "Meesh" said...

Love this, Teal. XOXO

jindi said...

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In this fast paced life no body is caring about their health. But as you mentioned about meditation. A daily five minutes can be fruitful for life.

Resolve Headaches said...

There is a lot of power in mediation and it is the one thing that relaxes and tranquilizes the mind and helps it breathe and think and take receive the outward and the inward commands of nature.

Shakti yoga studio said...

Ah meditation, the way to reality, the way to discover the truth and to conquer our ego....!
Great post!


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AnaDrol said...

Love yoga, just started last month. Things are going so slow and painful, but I see improvements alredy. Thanks for loads of information.