Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another Way The FDA is Trying to Kill Organic Farming

Raspberries from my home garden. No chemicals. Lots of poop.

Buy local. Buy Organic. Grow your own food. 

So this morning on NPR I hear a story about how the FDA is trying to impose major restrictions on organic farmers using manure on their crops because of health dangers.


Manure, something that is natural and has been used since the dawn of agriculture, is a bigger danger than Round Up, chemical fertilizers and all the other shit our food supply and planet is being subjected to???

Just another example of a government agency in the pocket of Big Ag and Pharm that has NONE of our interests at heart. Organic farmers already have safe guidelines for how they use manure...this is just another bullshit regulation aimed at undoing all the progress that is being made in going back to more natural ways of raising food.

Don't let them fool you. Support local farmers and organic farming. Vote with your dollars with every meal you eat.

To your good health,
Teal Chimblo Fyrberg

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