Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keeping It Positive

In business, as in the rest of life, it can be a challenge to keep things positive. Present global economic woes are making for some highly tense office environments, but they also present an opportunity to bring our yoga "off the mat", and into our daily lives.

Yoga can provide not only a personal refuge from these pressures, but an opportunity to calm down, refocus and re-enter the group with positive energy and patience. Imagine bringing a spirit of peace and healing to your environment, rather then adding to the discord and din.

Go to your office, or even a stall in the bathroom, or step outside, anywhere you can be alone for a few minutes and withdraw from the energy of your office. Take a few deep breaths and follow your inhale and exhale. On the inhale say, "I breath in peace", on the exhale say, "I breathe out all tension." Before you return to your office group say to yourself this simple Metta meditation of lovingkindness...

"May all beings be happy, May all beings be free from all suffering."

It is amazing how much a simple break can help us calm down, and regain perspective.

Let me know how you bring your yoga off the mat, and into the world.

If you are looking for more ways to bring the positive back to your office or business check out the blog Emergence Business Coaching written by business coach and writer, Charrise. She has great advice and resources for building business for success, with heart and positive energy.

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Coach Charrise said...

I love the positive vibe of your blog, and thank you for the kind words about mine! In order to live our best life, we do well to focus on what nurtures mind, body and spirit. Yoga and meditation make a huge difference in my life!

Pink Heels said...

Excellent...excellent...excellent point!!! So often we forget that the ideas of yoga can exist off of the mat.

Stephanie, Phil, Kayla, Logan & Alex said...

I'm going to try this out!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Pink Heels. I need to get back to getting my yoga on...on and off the matt!

Rajesh said...

Once we learn Yoga properly and follow the principles of Pathanjali, Yoga can be taken off the mat to the office or a group, provided that the group acknowledges Yoga.
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