Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meditation on Change: from the Kripalu Yoga Teacher's Association

Monk's Pond, The Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

The article below is reprinted from the KYTA (Kripalu Yoga Teacher's
Association) Newsletter that I recieve every month. KYTA is an incredible part of the Kripalu family, and does a terrific job supporting it's teachers around the world.

For more on Kripalu Yoga and the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA click here. For more information on KYTA, click here.

Meditation can be extremely helpful when we are in the midst of change, giving practitioners a new perspective.

Below is a meditation from Module One of the 500-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification, called "Awareness of Sensation," provided by Megha Nancy Buttenheim, creator, director, and facilitator of Module One.

Sit or stand as you are, just being yourself.
Focus on being aware of the sensations in you, entering a state of allowing.
Open the field of awareness to the world of sensation.
Notice the pleasant and unpleasant.
Notice the neutral, the loving, the joyful.
Welcome everything.
Notice breath.
Notice everything arising and passing, arising and passing.
Body is alive.
Energy is present.
Just be.
Look at any fear that might be coming toward you.
Remember the breath is here just like a friend holding your hand as you cross a busy street.

If you are currently enrolled in the 500-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, or would like to begin your advanced training, the next module will be held January 16-25, 2009 which will be led by Jonathan Foust (Sudhir). The main focus is an inquiry into bringing more meditation into your personal practice and teaching.

Megha has designed Module One to offer yogis the opportunity to study with some of the best Kripalu teachers. Jonathan Foust (Sudhir) leads a 2 1/2 day meditation retreat. Lee Albert teaches positional therapy techniques to assist students in yoga postures. Anatomy sessions are led by Kripalu yogi and body worker Chris Holmes. Garrett Sarley (Dinabandhu) or Stephen Cope offer discourses in the meditation of life and Megha directs the practice teach component. Sadhana sessions are led by Kripalu faculty such as Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, Rudy Peirce, Jairaj Randal Williams, Jurian Hughes, Grace Jull, Jami Macarty, and Megha.

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Elana Kahn said...

Meditation is soooo beneficial. I practically live on my relaxation tapes! Here from ICLW.

Indigo said...

I love practicing yoga, in fact, that's next on my to do list tonight.

Here from ICLW!

Kristin said...

I really should make much more time for meditation. It does wonders for my state of mind.


KandiB said...

I like that definitely makes you slow down and just "be" - thanks! ICLW.

IdleMindOfBeth said...

The artwork is your sidebar is absolutely beautiful!


alicia said...

ohh thanks for the little meditation break! I totally needed that today :)

here from iclw

Seriously? - Erin said...

Here from ICLW. I think I am inspired to do my pregnancy yoga DVD today!

Stacie said...

Mediation was helpful to me during my first round of ttc. I do believe it helped! I haven't been able to get myself into yoga yet. I have it on my list of things to start, though!


Amy said...

I think it's so important in our busy lives to just sit and be still for a while.


Rajesh said...

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