Friday, November 14, 2008

Give the Gift of Relaxation, with Natalie Maisel's Meditative Journey and

Just the thought of heading into the busy holiday season brings feelings of stress and anxiety to most of us. So much to do, so many people to see, so much to give. I encourage you to really slow down and make sure that you are also giving to yourself, making time for yoga, relaxation... and SLEEP!

To that end, I am recommending to you a amazing yoga and meditation teacher Natalie Maisel. If you haven't discovered her before, you are really in for a treat!

Her Website is a fantastic resource for yoga, meditation and rituals related to Wicca and the Seasonal Wheel.

She has many audio downloads available on her site, and on, but my favorite has to be Meditative Journey. I have escaped into the beautiful imagery of these guided meditations, and used them as part of my yoga classes, for years. They are not only relaxing and inspirational, but personally transformative, as well. Natalie's words of wisdom and guidance help us tap into that deep source within us; she helps us get back to the core of our authentic selves.

The nice thing about her site is you can download an entire item, or one track at a time "itunes style". She as recently added some new meditations including that I love including, Sun-Moon Astrological Meditations, Goddess in the Chakras, and another of my favorites, Healing Water Ritual at Chalice Well, which is a wonderful meditation for healing.

Natalie has been a certified yoga teacher since 1996. She currently travels to various destination spas facilitating Yoga Weeks with a variety of levels and classes that suit every level of yoga practitioner. Natalie is featured extensively in Gary Kraftsow’s book Yoga for Wellness,
and teaches yoga in the San Diego, California area.

Check her out and pick up a gift of relaxation and renewal for yourself, or someone you love.

You can contact Natalie Maisel directly for more information about her yoga and meditation workshops around the world at

And, don't miss Natalie's blog, here.

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Rajesh said...

Which do you think is more important - Meditation or Asanas?
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