Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Greats! honor of 8.8.08

In honor of this auspicious date of 08.08.08 here are 8 great things that I hope will bring you a little joy:

1) Heritage Products Rose Petals Rose Water:
I use this everyday and it is SO refreshing, especially in the heat. Its great for hydration under make-up, and rose essence is famous for relieving depression and lifting spirits. You can find this rose petal water, essential oils, massage products and many other beautiful products at excellent prices at:

I discovered this as a podcast on i tunes and love it. It provides clear, simple information on Buddhism and related topics.

3) Lavender and Peppermint Oil
I use this particular combination of essential oils in my bath a lot in the summer. The lavender is relaxing, and the peppermint leaves you feeling cool and tingly, and refreshed. You can get them both for a great price at:

Use source code: aetna608 and get an 8% discount of your total order (this code worked as of 8/8/08).

4) Poetry and Spoken Word by Joya Lonsdale
While your in the bath, listen to the CD or read the chapbook, My Mouth is Open to All Rivers, from this exquisite, emerging poet. Joya's poetry is silky, sensual stuff and her imagery will carry you away...

5) Eye Pillows from Hugger Mugger
After all that you'll be ready for a nap! These eye pillows are my secret to napping, actually, I sleep with mine over my eyes at night. The coverage and weight of the pillow help with sense withdrawal making it easier to relax. Great for sivasana as well. BTW Hugger Mugger is a great resource for all things yoga. I order all my studio props and mats from them.

6) Vitamins and Supplements
They do your body good, but not always your wallet! My brother introduced me to years ago and it is still by far the best place I've found for vitamins, protein powders, essential oils, beauty items...all sorts of stuff. They carry lots of green and vegan products, and their house brand, NSI, is very good quality. Use source code: aetna608 and get an 8% discount of your total order (this code worked as of 8/8/08).

7) Rainbow Light Protein Energizer
If you are hungry after you nap, try my favorite protein powder. I drink this almost every morning after my run, or sadhana (yoga practice.)

8) Something Great from Teal!
Well, this list wouldn't be complete without a little shameless self-promotion. If you are looking for some yoga or green living inspired clothes and gifts, some fine art cards, or just some REALLY silly t-shirts, check out my ever evolving CafePress shop...

Hope you enjoy these 8 greats, and have many more than 8 blessings this day, and every day.

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Kate said...

I don't think there is enough peppermint to cool me off!