Friday, October 31, 2008

Let It Be

Whether I am buying groceries at the store, picking up some dry cleaning, or settling into sadhana on my yoga mat I am always met with the same inquiries. It's always the big questions: who am I? what am I doing here? am I doing enough? is this all good enough? A lot of striving in all those questions, and that is the nature of Mind. To grasp, to avert. The quality we are looking for in yoga is neither; it is the simplisity of just being here, moment to moment, breath by breath. In a posture we look for the qualities of sukha (sweetness, or comfort) and sthira (steadiness), but we find neither while we are stuggling and searching, doubting and criticising.

In your practice today, whether it takes form on or off the mat, let your inquiry be to "Let it be." Whatever the occurence, moment by moment, breath by breath, simply note your reaction, and then say to yourself, "Let it be."

Let me know what you discovery in your inquiry.

For more food for thought on this topic, you must visit a beautiful blog, by a lovely lady that got me thinking about all this today. The Wellness Journey, and author Traci Trainer,
has a wealth of information on yoga, excercise, nutrition, and much more. Enjoy...

As for me, I am off to the mountains to get married! See you all next week...

May you all be free from suffering, may you all be surrounded by love.


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Laura said...

Married! Congratulations! I am imagining you in beautiful, inspiring surroundings, saying "I do!" May your future be full of light, love, and much laughter.

Pink Heels said...

Whether I am actively engaged in meditating or yoga, I always remind myself "let it go, be present, let it be."