Thursday, October 16, 2008

Free Kundalini Yoga Class with Gurmukh from Golden Bridge Yoga

Her book The Eight Human Talents is one of the most beautiful and useful books on yoga I have ever read. She also does amazing prenatal yoga classes, and DVDs. I have taken her classes at Golden Bridge in New York City, and they are transformational.

Kundalini Yoga is an invigorating tradition of yoga. It will get your prana flowing, leaving you energized and cleansed. I include Kundalini kriyas as a part of my morning sadhana every day (check back soon for a post detailing my favorite kriyas.)

The exercises may look at little funny, but let me tell you they are amazingly effective, and not easy! Don't be discouraged if you find them challenging; they are well worth your time and commitment.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for giving valuable infromation on the net which is very useful for us, We have to make averness to our indian people such shadhna , Guruji required your blesing to me for getting a Good Shadhak