Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rise and Shine with Sun Breath

Rise and Shine!!!

It's morning, and a new day full of possibilites is before you. Wake up your brain, raise your prana, and get ready for a beautiful day with this seated variation of Sun Breath.

1. Sit in Sukhasana (simple cross-legged pose), or Lotus Pose.

2. Start with your hands by your hips, palms turned out. Inhale and sweep the arms overhead – reach out through your finger tips as if your arms are the rays of the sun – keep stretching upwards to the sky, and bring the palms together over your head. Exhale.

3. Keeping your arms raised, look up at the sky, lift your heart to the heat and light of the sun – inhale the prana of our ancient sun – feel this new expansion in the chest. Turn the palms out, reach through the finger tips and exhale the arms down.

4. Repeat on the next inhale, and use the mantra:

Breathing in, I breathe the light of the sun into my heart.
Breathing out, I give the light of the sun to our world.

5. Repeat at least 3 times.

Namaste, and may you have a radiant day!
Go out and shine!
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Brett said...

This is great -- You simply GOTTA start your day in the right mindset!